Beijing Xitieying Wanda Plaza

Beijing, China

Client Name: Wanda Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Beijing

Project Area: 108,400 ㎡

Completion Time: 2017.12

Xitieying Wanda Plaza is located in Xitieying Village, Fengtai District of Beijing, situated beside the South Second Ring Road of Beijing. It is a medium-sized boutique shopping center serving the city’s southwest community with a GFA about 124,400 ㎡.

The Project area was a village formed during the Ming Dynasty and called Tiejiangying(meaning “the camp of blacksmiths”in Chinese) as it was originally a place for making weapons. The interior design of the Project incorporates the village’s traditional genes of toughness and incisiveness through contemporary approaches.

Through geometric division of spaces and contrasts of different materials, the Project intends to create a space with stronger sense of depth, volume and modernity within this vertically impressive building. Besides, the combination of innovative materials and shopping experience helps create a leisure destination with local features for community in southwest Beijing.

Materiality in the space may leave special memories to people. Colorful glass is a signature element of the Project. The punched steel on the underside of escalators mirrors the surrounding environment and people’s movement on the escalators. The constantly changing color and image blur the boundaries of side walls and ceilings, weakening the sense of spatial enclosure and offering a spatial experience with light and shadow.

Light is used as a material and medium to leverage the transparent and reflective nature of glass. Different light flows between glass and structural components, fostering a lively atmosphere and enhancing the interaction between people and the theme of the space. Looking upward while standing on the escalators, one will be fascinated by the play of the light and the shadow to explore the higher levels.