Longfor Yanghu Paradise Walk

Hunan, China

Client Name: LongFor Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Changsha, Hunan

Project Area: 106,492㎡

Completion Time: 2021.5

A new landmark of humanistic experience

In the design of the Longfor Changsha Yanghu paradise walk project, it is committed to creating an exquisite leisure space with a sense of nature and humanity, and to creating a happy harbor integrating architecture and interior with the six elements of humanity, ecology, interest, refinement, fashion and sports and the comprehensive plane and vertical three dimensional strategy.

In combination with the business forms, the space atmosphere is set off, the consumption memory point is enhanced, a new commercial landmark in Hexi, Changsha is created, and consumption upgrading is led.

By uniting the existing characteristics of the architecture itself, the designer created a leisure shared space

where people can freely sit and chat by constructing a water curtain and building a sky bridge to make people full of yearning naturally.