Wang Fu Cheng Shopping Center

Fuzhou, China

Client Name: ICBC

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Fuzhou, Fujian

Project Area: 124, 000㎡

Design Time: 2015.04

Developed by ICBC Credit Suisse Investment Management Co., Ltd., a Fortune Global 500 company, Wang Fu Cheng Shopping Center is Located in the middle section of Ba Yi Qi Road and the intersection of three core commercial sectors Dongjie, Wanbao and Taijiang. The Project aims to smoothly connect the three major commercial areas and create a new landmark of Chating that can revive old glory of this place.

The Project features six floors including four above grade and two below grade. The floors are vertically connected to allow for smooth circulation of shoppers between shops across the whole center. The design focuses on well-integrated interior and exterior commercial vibe and goes well with surrounding environment. The rooftop open-air street softens the edge, enhances the internal connectivity, mobility and transparency and encourages the cross-floor visual connection.

The design references the site environment and incorporates quintessence of time-honored shipyard culture, Chating culture and Qilou (arcade) culture. With due respect to local lifestyle and custom, new architecture concept and vocabulary are employed to celebrate the local features and cultural legacy in space, color and material.

The re-creation successfully communicates the local culture and features in an innovative way.