Hangzhou Joy City

Zhejiang, China

Client Name: COFCO Joy City

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Hangzhou, Zhejiang

Project Area: 145,000 ㎡

Design Time: 2016.08

Hangzhou Joy City will focus on young adults and fashion, targeting the emerging middle class of 18~35 years old. It consists of four themes: shopping center, waterfront street, landmark business and luxury house. It will be the first Joy City to own the outdoor pedestrian mall in the Joy City family, and will present a full-time, full-service life experience within the “24 hours’ wonderful time” , which is filled with young elements, fashion elements and decent elements.

The Hangzhou Joy City Project is located near Moganshan Road, the north-south artery of Hangzhou City. It is close to the planned Metro Line 5 and Line 10, and close to the Canal Water Bus Station too. It is surrounded by Hangzhou's famous universities and has complete commercial facilities.

The project creates a high-quality urban functional area that is suitable for living, shopping, leisure and experience. It will be the leader of the trend, gather international fashion elements, and build shopping malls, commercial districts, Grade A office buildings, Residential areas, heritage parks and water terminals.

“Outdoors, you can enjoy the flourishness; indoors, you can enjoy the peacefulness” is the best summary of the area where the Joy City is located in Hangzhou. In the interior design, under the premise of continuing the uniformity of architectural design, combined with the definition of the project “Hanger FENG” (fashion, youth, trend, taste), it reflects individualized consumption concept “fast fashion, slow life, experiential waterfront shopping paradise”, leading the development of urban business and creating landmark project.