Fenghuang Ancient Town Jinshui Zhai Complex

Hunan, China

Client Name: Huaxia Group

Service Scope: Planning, Architecture, Interior, Landscape Design

Project Location: Fenghuang, Hunan

Project Area: 852,000㎡

Design Time: 2016.11

Jinshuizhai project is a unique international tourism and retail resort destination. The project is located in China’s historic FengHuang (Phoenix) city centre, along the banks of the main river, surrounded by picturesque mountains and its own stream. It is the natural gateway to the old town precinct and the first major river view site to greet the growing number of local and international tourists.

The design story begins with a thorough analysis of the site, the local Miao-Han ethnic’s cultural and architectural heritage. Progressive reviews and Client consultation and careful study of the neighboring old town helped to focus in maximizing the retail exposure and the desirable spirit of the place. The process has been a very good indigenous cultural learning opportunity for the design team and also helped the client develop a clear brief and financial feasibility.

The planning concept places the three hundred room themed resort at the core of the project. Surrounding it are tourist and local friendly facilities including culture entertainment, Miao-Han Craft Retail, Themed Dining and Public Leisure.

To elicit the memorable experiences the design includes a variety of street experiences, including two gateway wharfs with gondola rides, a waterfall stream street, a terraced crafts street, a culture plaza, river water show, bar alley, and a folk hotel alley.

Jinshui Zhai is unique river town resort destination, a special hybrid of international architecture with vernacular scale, atmosphere supporting sustainable tourism culture development.