Jiujiang Bank Training School

Jiangxi, China

Client Name: Bank of Jiujiang

Service Scope: Planning, Architecture, Interior, Landscape Design

Project Location: Jiujiang,Jiangxi

Project Area: 44,660 ㎡

Completion Time: 2022 .06

The Jiujiang Bank Training School, joint design by ZWP and the Architectural Design & Research Institute of Tsinghua University(THAD), located in the new city district of Jiujiang Saicheng Lake. The site is surrounded by water on three sides and bountiful natural landscapes. Jiujiang Bank Training School integrates teaching, office, accommodation, reception and other functions. After completion, it will become a novel building complex in Saicheng Lake area.

The concept of the design is to integrate the building with natural environment as much as possible in addition to meeting the functional needs. In the specific design, utilize the sloping land of the building and the topographical conditions surrounded by water on three sides, adopt from the central landscape to the surrounding areas to form the multi-dimensional landscape sight layout.

Each main building façade all faces a good lake view, forming with suitable density, immersive with mountains and rivers, surrounded by beautiful environment, with traditional academy connotations and modern temperament school buildings.