PKU Resources Boyue City

Yunnan, China

Client Name: PKU Resources

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Kunming, Yunnan

Project Area: 102,733.79 ㎡

Design Time: 2017.05

New Experience Cultural Health Complex

The Project is the first commercial complex of PKU Resources in Southwest China, featuring innovative space, novel trades, refreshing experience and the latest trends. It is expected as a brand new urban complex that will further strengthen the regional competitiveness of Kunming.

The Project is located in Xiaoximen Business Area, the center of Kunming. Integrating culture, education, medical care, science and technology, finance, and service resources, and guided by the idea of “+ culture”, it is intended as a central culture experience zone with culture and leisure-oriented retails to lead the new culture-based urban upgrading of Kunming.

Themed on culture and health, the design incorporates the cultural background of PKU Resources into the urban culture and fabric of Kunming, hoping to create a cultural landmark with local characteristics. Elements of traditional Chinese culture are refined and applied to the skin and details of the inner streets. The design language of order and modulus creates a unique Chinese cultural block that brings in a new lifestyle. These approaches make for a cultural complex with distinctive inner and outer streets, attracting consumers through diversified competition and theme positioning.