LongFor Xiangti Paradise Walk

Shanxi, China

Client Name: LongFor Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Xi an, Shanxi

Project Area: 109,860 ㎡

Completion Time: 2020.12

Ecological, sophisticated, artistic atmosphere

After entering the market of Shanxi, Longfor has won a lot of prizes and honors with its high quality products. As one of its three main brands, Longfor Paradise Walk’s debut in the city of Xi’an will bring new shopping mall experiences and new lifestyle to people of Xi’an. Targeting the middle-to-high classes, Longfor Paradise Walk will be a new shopping mall model that combines culture, ecology, entertainment, fashion and arts with an Avant-grade perspective.

Applies three design elements – Urban, Nature and Humanity to the “Green Valley” concept, demonstrates it with mountain valley, green forest, and colorful flowers. The main space utilized translucent glass to symbolize the shadows and lights in the forests. And the moving lights along the corridors are the abstractions of the growing trees, attracting people from lower levels to upper levels, activating the retails on the upper levels.

As for the interior of the mall, we emphasize more on the convenience and guidance. With the flowing lighting design, the customers are not only enjoying the comfort of the space, but also the visual attractions. The design brings the sense of technology to people’s walking experience, thus enhancing their impression of the spaces.