Nanjing E-like Shopping Center

Jiangsu, China

Client Name: Powerchina Realestate

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Nanjing, Jiangsu

Project Area: 96,804.68㎡

Design Time: 2017.04

Coherent Indoor-outdoor Art Experience

The Project is located in Fuzimiao Area, Qinhong Subdistrict. With a GFA of about 363,085 square meters, it is a large-scale urban complex integrating commerce, office and serviced apartment at north of Gulou business District. Nanjing E-like Shopping Center brings to life a brand-new retail strategy through meticulous interior design despite the original structural constraints. The new layout highlights the uniqueness of and coherence between different zones.

The once standardized and repetitive commerce in the industrial era is evolving toward a trend of individuation, diversification and customization. By applying consistent elements for the atrium and façade, the design blurs the boundary between the building and its surroundings and perfectly combines art and nature, creating surprises that the consumers have yet to discover.

Walking in the shopping center feels like opening emerging gift boxes that are full of surprises. One would get an amazing and memorable shopping experience here.