Suzhou Zhonghai Huanhu Plaza

Jiangsu, China

Client Name: Zhonghai Real Estate

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Suzhou, Jiangsu

Project Area: 118,159.22 ㎡

Completion Time: 2022.12

Cultural Symbols of Suzhou Taihu Lake

This project, located in Suzhou Tai Lake National Tourism Resort, is the first large-scale commercial complex in the area. The total architectural area of the project is about 118,000 meters squared.

Functions for life facilities, leisure entertainment, fashion shopping, parent-child bonding, sport, and fitness are all gathered in one place mainly focuses on comprehensive layouts such as cultural creativity, ecology, business trip, and so on.


After deep research, we found a perfect coexistence of culture and nature, Water Street. Water Street starts from Jiangnan of Xitang, “one waterway two streets” is its typical layout.The waterway is the flow line, streets on two sides of the waterway are where commercial activities took place in ancient times.

This kind of layout wonderfully shares a similar goal with today’s commercial streets. We flow this concept putting Water Street on the linear-shaped flow line of the shopping center, walking on the flow line is like rowing boats in Water Street, alongside shops are like waterside shops in ancient times.

We try to use today’s technique to reintroduce the lively scene of Jiangnan during the prosperous Tang Dynasty, introduce traditional elements such as cottage, gable, balcony, and topologically abstract them to let people feel the classic ancient Su-style cultural imprint during shopping.