Taiyuan Longhu Wanda Plaza

Shanxi, China

Client Name: Wanda Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Taiyuan, Shanxi

Project Area: 170,000 ㎡

Completion Time: 2015.09

The third generation of Wanda Plaza products

Taiyuan Longhu Wanda Plaza is a third-generation urban complex and the only Wanda Plaza Class A store project built by Wanda Group in 2015. It has improved its qualities in terms of scale, facilities, and brand level and the completion of the project shaped the new urban pattern of Taiyuan City during that time, and brought Taiyuan the concept of life and the consumption of metropolitan modernization.

Taiyuan Longhu Wanda Plaza is located in the downtown area of Taiyuan, adjacent to Longhu Park with only 500 meters away from the central business district of Fuxi Street. The project integrates the successful experience of Wanda’s previous commercial projects. Through meticulous planning and design, this becomes all-in-one area for leisure, sightseeing, one-stop shopping, sports and fitness, bars and restaurants. It is a masterpiece of experience that brings together various urban functions.

The interior design of the pedestrian street focuses on the local context, integrating local characteristics to create a distinctive commercial space. As Taiyuan was called "Dragon City" in the old times, the architectural appearance of the shopping center uses glass and aluminum plates to form the image of "dragon scales" for alignment with the interior design and the appearance of the building. With the design concept of "playing with dragons and water" and the basic concept of flowing water, the legendary phantom of the dragon is transformed into the interior design language to pursue the metaphorical effect of the dragon. As a difference, the interior uses two colors of wood and white materials, which are different from the "silver dragon" of the building exterior, creating a more warm and comfortable interior feeling.

The side façade of the long street is made of white GRG material, the dragon scale pattern is decorated under the glass material, and the light is insinuated to create the effect of a looming "dragon body". To highlight the quality and refinement of the A-class store space, the ceiling design of the pedestrian street is decorated with wood-colored metal plates supplemented by black smooth lines for elegance and warmth and also increases the natural and ecological sense of the space.

The lighting design of the entire indoor space adopts an intelligent lighting control system, which can be adjusted according to different time periods, different areas, and different functional requirements for efficient and close combination of lighting effects and commercial operations. The flowing linear decorative light not only fits the concept of "dragon" and "water", but also has the function of guiding passenger flow and delineating the spatial level.