Tangshan Aegean Shopping Mall

Hebei, China

Client Name: Aegean Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Tangshan, hebei

Project Area: 89,202 ㎡

Completion Time: 2016.09

Aegean Shopping Mall is sited in Tangshan, China, a traditional heavy industry city and port city in the middle east of China, a new industrialization base in Bohai Economic Rim, as well as a pivot in Capital Economic Circle.

Based in the long-standing bustling commercial area in Tangshan with impact expanding to the whole city and peripheral areas, this mix-used project integrates sustainable commerce, high-rise residence, office towers and leisure developments.

Combining local culture with future vision, it is expected to provide an urban commercial community center with unique experience and memory for Tangshan citizens in the time-honored commercial area.

Visual elements are abstracted to underpin the theme of “ship & ocean” in response to local characteristics and the Project nature. The atrium sees fluid coastline and sails, where the panoramic elevators bedecked with modular sail elements and the ship-shaped high platform make the space more rhythmic and create visual attraction of high floors.