Tongchuan Zhongjun Universal City

Shanxi, China

Client Name: 中骏集团

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: 陕西铜川

Project Area: 96,800㎡

Completion Time: 2022.12

Tongchuan Zhongjun Universal City is located in the heart of Tongchuan city new district, and adjacent to the old town of Yaozhou District. This commercial parcel is located in the administrative zone right in the crossing center of horizontal and vertical transportation. The surrounding is relatively mature with a fully-equipped environment. Zhongjun Universal City will drive the development of new large-scale commercial complex of the city and upgrade the shopping environment of the whole city unifying traditional consumption demands and future lifestyles.

A fairy-like scene and sense of touch given by nature make Tongchuan unique in culture and enlightenment in its own way. The breathtaking literati ink painting formed by “cooking smoke from villages, mountains, terraced fields and sea of clouds” is used as the project design theme. In the original building, layer by layer of terrace fields was used as design inspiration. Up and down balconies are also included presenting different shapes in commercial space.

It does not only enhance the visual experience but also creates a highlighted space to attract consumption force. At the same time, the design changes the boring atrium space into a relaxing interaction space by breaking boundaries and redefining the atrium spatial structure to enrich the layering effect to visual sense and lead a brand new shopping experience.