Wenzhou Pingyang Wanda Plaza

Zhejiang, China

Client Name: Wanda Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province

Project Area: 148,000 ㎡

Completion Time: 2014.12

"Fun" Experience Leisure Paradise

Wenzhou Pingyang Wanda Plaza is located in Binjiang Business District of Wenzhou, the core area of Railway Station Avenue, with a project volume of 148,000 square meters. It is a large-scale urban complex where shopping, leisure, catering, entertainment and cultural functions are integrated in one place . Wenzhou Pingyang Wanda Plaza was the largest high-end commercial flagship in the center of Pingyang after its opening as the construction of the project drove the economic development and commercial upgrading of Pingyang, and accelerated the renewal of the city's brand image.

In terms of the design theme, the project continues the succinct geometric shape of the building’s exterior, and evolves with the design language of “origami game”. The countless extended folded surfaces adorning the entire space resembles an open origami where they can be seen throughout the building from the skylight to the indoor connecting bridges, guardrails, ceilings and escalators creating a "fun" experience leisure paradise for visitors.

With white and wood color contrast, and mix-matching different materials for decoration, this contrast forms an interesting triangular cladding relationship. For example, the side façade of the atrium is like the core of the glass wrapped in the open white origami as the real and the virtual of the triangle form a new spatial dialogue relationship. When the sunlight is refracted through the triangular glass, the consumers can experience walking in the open origami space and experience the dappled sunlight of the triangle on the wood while walking along the folded line on the ground, making shopping full of fun and romantic.

This project focuses to the meticulous details in design as all the irregular triangular surfaces are covered by the modular regular texture, and the different triangular surfaces scales adopt the texture of different modulus, so that the irregular space presents rational control.