Wuhan HanJie Wanda Plaza

Wuhan, China

Client Name: Wanda Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Wuhan, Hubei

Project Area: 134,500㎡

Completion Time: 2013.09

Introduction: A top-notch shopping center developed by Wanda Group with an innovative product model and a flagship among the Group’s Wanda Plaza shopping centers in the country, Hanjie Wanda Plaza is praised as a “Pearl on the Crown”.

Excelling the country’s other high-end luxury shopping malls in both design concept and project quality, the Project is highly acclaimed as a “genuinely world-class” “great commercial building” with “artistic taste and cultural connotations”, and thus a new name card of Wuhan and even China.

The facade of the Project is provided with the world’s largest LED control system, which consists of a total of 3.18 million LED light beads, equivalent to 10 Water Cube (China National Aquatics Center) venues.

It also features the world’s only double-skin multi-media curtain wall that is perfectly integrated with lighting. Every frame of image displayed on the wall consists of both the front and the rear LED display layers.

Moreover, the video contents are specially designed to fully leverage the double skin construction. The images are produced respectively on the front and back layers to highlight the theme, and 3D animation effect shifting between the front and back layers presents the vivid scenes, showing the unique advantages of the double-skin multi-media curtain wall.

Wuhan Donghu Han Street Wanda Plaza adopted free sculptural hyperbolic gyro line structure atrium. This kind of adoption was the first in the history of Chinese commercial architecture.

. The two large atriums are in the form of huge funnel-shaped steel structures by piecing together 2600 flat or curved patterned glazed glass of different sizes and shapes. The scene is extremely breathtaking. Both two large atriums were adopted the column-free design and the structural integration of lighting roof and sightseeing ladder.