New World Shopping Mall

Hebei, China

Client Name: New World Group

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Langfang, Hebei

Project Area: 74,142 ㎡


Langfang New World Center follows high standards on architecture with the global NEW BUSINESS CENTER vision, it characterizes roof gardens, corridors and other architectural features, Adhering to the international vision of New World Group, and combining the unique urban context, Langfang New World Center will provide citizens which integrates leisure, entertainment, shopping, business and residence, creating a new landmark in the city.

Langfang New World Shopping Mall is located in the Central Business District of Langfang City, which is the core component of Langfang New World Center.

The project includes Zone A: a complex with commercial complex, a five-star hotel and apartment; Zone B: a boutique business street and classy apartments; Zone C: business offices and residential area. All of those have achieved a landmark city complex with commercial services, offices, hotels, apartments and noble residences.

The Langfang New World Project is different from the traditional department store. Based on the Hongkong urban texture and the square block form of the façade of the building, it condenses the design elements of the square.

Through the ingenious use of different materials, the boundaries between indoor and outdoor are diluted, and a leisure and entertainment shopping space is fully created to optimize the customers’ experience.