ZWP Design

Beijing, China

Client Name: ZWP Design

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Beijing

Project Area: 1,150㎡

Completion Time: 2016.10

Design Innovation Lab

ZWP Design , which is a firm that has been working on urban business, now is creating its new offices with a variety of new materials and modern architecture style. It aims to create a unique space which is full of vitality, artistic atmosphere and commercial value.At the beginning stage of the construction, the design team of the company applied “art, business, innovation” as their construction motto.

“Using simple materials to express rich emotions” is the concept that the firm has consistently insisted. The texture of the original building's concrete texture is preserved, adding the color-changing glass with varying angles of viewing, the uneven log grille, the gray mirror steel, the mottled Malay paint, and the strong texture interspersed in the reception space.

The video conference room that keeps in touch with customers in various cities uses high-tech equipment such as the most advanced inductive touch screen and automatic adjustment conference system, while retaining the blank cylinder of the original site, the original decoration of the undecorated building. The structural column contrasts with a smooth, compliant luminescent film, mirrored stainless steel, grey Malay painted wall, and warm natural ceiling wood. The wooden grille penetrates the reception area into the conference room, emphasizing the integrity of the space.

Design is a process that requires continuous integration of everyone's wisdom, continuous communication and inspiration. Therefore, the workplace needs to be an open space which allows collaboration to happen easily. Except for the 6-person group work area, the office area extends around the entire floor to form a semi-ring, with a variety of working spaces for different collaboration modes.

The company has plenty of natural light during daytime, which makes the polished concrete floor, the glazed glass and mirror steel form different light and shadow changes at every angle, making the designer's working activities into a flowing artistic behavior. The lounge, which can be used for communication and informal reception, incorporates green plants inlaid in metal boxes, leather card holders, and incandescent lamps. The relaxed and open atmosphere is used as a space for designers to relax.

Persistence in learning and sharing in continuous practice and creation is ZWP Design's culture and responsibility. In the specially established exchange center, designers can share their ideas on creative farms at 5 pm on weekends, or exhibit their works and values. Here is the public place where the company's thoughts collide and interact.