Zhonghai Taiyuan UniMall

Shanxi, China

Client Name: Zhonghai Real Estate

Service Scope: Interior Design

Project Location: Taiyuan, Shanxi

Project Area: 100,000 ㎡

Completion Time: 2023

Nature, Technology, Interactive social space

Taiyuan Zhonghai International Community is located at the west starting point of Yingze Street, Taiyuan City. It is developed by Zhonghai Real Estate, the total planned construction area is 300,000 square meters.

The project is surrounded by a dimensional transportation network of “five horizontal, four vertical, one rail” and many parks. The supporting a large-scale shopping center is about 100,000 square meters and outdoor commercial streets is about 50,000 square meters.

Based on the concept of “roaming about the river valley”, the commercial space takes the commercial circulation as the abstraction of the Fen River.

Along the “river”, it creates characteristic spatial nodes such as “exploring along the river bend”, “sightseeing on the riverbank” and “rafting on galaxy”.

It creates a new generation business space full of interactive technology, immersive and themed design while arousing people’s love and yearning for nature. “Socializing attribute” and “nature attribute” are two important attributes we endow with Taiyuan Zhonghai UniMall.