TsingShang Design Institute Sponsors/ "China Chair Art Exhibition"

Today, supported by National Art Fund of Ministry of Culture, China Chair Art Exhibition jointly sponsored by the TsingShang Design Institute and Qinghua Academy of Fine Arts has come to an end in the Fine Arts Museum of Qinghua Academy of Fine Arts.

Exhibition introduction:

The exhibition is entitled with Sit and State, divided into elegant style, elegant room, elegant taste, elegant activities and elegant environment, a total of 39 works on exhibition, including works from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and the folk collection, as well as works from excellent teachers and students from different Academy of Fine Arts, social well-known design brands and designers. Visitors can truly understand the meaning of elegance from these works. The exhibition not only shows the various aspects of elegant life from different angles of life in the magnificent space form and colorful design form, but also examines and sorts out the elegance and interest inherent in Chinese people as a heritage from the perspective of cultural theory. Elegance is a kind of special aesthetic taste, and its particularity is what it pursues is not intuitive aesthetics but related to tao. The interest of elegance is refined, but not contrary to vulgarity everywhere, develops based on the mundane, and establishes its own unique aesthetic pursuit on the common representation. From the stationery to plaything, elegant offering, from the daily utensil to the buildings and gardens, Chinese scholars of past dynasties have constantly accumulated the elegance of their predecessors, formed a unique aesthetic system, which is still dynamic today.

This exhibition is part of China Chair Art Exhibition subsidized by the National Art Foundation, and it is also the first time that furniture art has been promoted to the cultural and artistic level with the national support since modern times. This exhibition aims not only to create the first time for Chinese furniture culture, but also open a dream of a hundred years of art life for a nation, so that culture and art can really enter public life to beautify people's life and edify sentiment. It is a fresh bright point in cultural and artistic life in Beijing this spring, and adds beautiful color to the 106th anniversary of Tsinghua University.

Event summary:

As a state funded project, the event aims to promote the organic combination of traditional culture and modern life in China, and become an opportunity to enhance the quality of people's life; establish the artisan spirit in Chinese culture, and provide a good boost for the development of Chinese furniture industry; and provide a platform for common development, skills learning and common progress for the majority of master craftsman, leading designers and new and vigorous designers. At the end of the exhibition, the organizer will set up the China Chair Art Foundation to encourage and support the development of young designers and institutions. The cultural event, with chair culture as the core, will expand the development of the domestic industry and enhance the impact of Chinese art on international art.

Forum invites experts in the field to interpret the elegant culture and art on the site


The planner for the event, Professor Fang Xiaofeng, Assistant to Dean of Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, professor of Department of Environmental Art Design and Editor of magazine Decoration, not only invites Zhang Bingbing, Secretary General of the Specialized Committee of China Furniture Association, Chen Baoguang, Vice President of Specialized Committee of China Furniture Association, Ms. Liang Mei, Professor of aesthetics of Institute of philosophy of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Ms. Jiang Li, Professor of China Academy of Fine Arts, Zheng Shuyang, former Vice President of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Wu Xi, Chairman of TsingShang Design Institute, Zeng Weiping, Vice President of TsingShang Design Institute, as well as Ma Weidu, master of appreciation and collection of classical furniture, Tian Jiaqing, Wu Bingliang and Gu Yongqi, master crafter, Shi Dayu and Zhu Xiaojie, contemporary art design master, Chen Darui, Hou Zhengguang, Yuan Yuan and Fu Junmin, new designer, teachers from Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Lu Xun Academy of Fine Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, designer Zhang Shi Hong, Hu Min, Yu Lizhan, Liu Tiejun and Zhang Kefei, well-known Chinese furniture brand, Longshuncheng, Jiqingtang, new design brand HC28, QuMei and other famous scholars, craft master, art furniture brands to attend the opening ceremony of China Chair Art Exhibition and academic seminar.

Activity information:

This year, China Chair Art Exhibition jointly organized by a number of well-known designers and a number of excellent furniture enterprises in China, as well as academic exhibitions and seminars will be respectively held in Beijing, Suzhou and Guangzhou- three main producing areas of Chinese traditional furniture.

Beijing, April 28-May 4, the First exhibition of Tsinghua Academy of Fine Arts and Academic Seminar on China Chair Art Exhibition;

Suzhou, September 13-September 19, exhibition in Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden for one week;

Guangzhou, October 23-October 31, Exhibition in Lingnan Fine Arts Museum and awards ceremony