The Ritual of the Mountain City Yuyue Canyon / Joy City,Chongqing's first show, opened grandly

After three years of hardwork, the long-awaited Chongqing Joy City finally opened on 31st December at the end of the New Year . Chongqing Joy City is the first project of Joy City Holdings in Chongqing, which is also the further development step of Joy City Holdings in southwest China and has great strategic significances.

Excelsior is the consistent adhere of Yue Group, a Joy City, an urban wave direction is the embodiment of the value of Yue. Joy City has always been the quality representative of today's Chinese commerce. After three years of dedication, the presentation of the project has been witnessed as Chongqing Joy City has enhanced the scale of Joy in Southwest China, shaped the standard of business in southwest China, and injected vigorous vitality into the business of Mountain City.

Chongqing Dayue has a special terrain with a north-south drop of over 50 meters. In terms of design, it overturns the traditional flat ground construction mode and creatively rises in the Wanzhong Mountain City. The design expresses respect for the local characteristics of Chongqing, such as topography, landscape and culture, and continues the language of natural canyons while injecting the DNA of Chongqing landscape culture, creating scenes such as "canyon walk, two internal and external waterfalls, Chongqing Tiankeng cracks, a different heaven, and flying stones from heaven" inside and outside of the project. The ecological life, commercial and social space that integrates trends and personalities, interprets the demands of the Chongqing Dayue micro-vacation business and the construction of a night economy model, and once again promotes the upgrading of urban consumption.


The design layout of diversified business forms also adds highlights to the positioning of the Chongqing Joy City trending as the Avant-Garde. Under the brand lineup with the main store, flagship store and regional characteristic store as the core standard, Chongqing Joy City pays more attention to the embodiment of the trending gene and creates the whole business form with the youth power and the unique ecological scene experiences, which will form a more complete ecological business closed circle in the future.

Depending on the construction of a new 100 billion-level CBD business district and the development opportunity of the Central Park section, Chongqing Joy City will create unlimited business possibilities and will become a new landmark desired by the people, the business district and the city.