ZWP New Project / Guangzhou HKZ Zhonghai City, creating a high-end and exquisite business with river view

ZWP is honored to announce another cooperation with China Overseas Real Estate to provide interior design services for its Guangzhou HKZ Zhonghai City project again. After the Suzhou Zhonghai City and Taiyuan Zhonghai City projects, this cooperation is the third project between ZWP and China Overseas Real Estate in the past two years.  

HKZ Zhonghai City is located on the central axis of Guangzhou and in the center of Haizhu Bay. It is sitting on the waterway, both behind and in front of the Pearl River and has a first-line river view. It is one of the leading projects of Haizhu urban renewal and a boutique project of China Overseas Real Estate striving to build a high-end and exquisite business center in river view.

Guangzhou HKZ Zhonghai City is a further improvement of the commercial quality of China Overseas Real Estate. With the completion of the old renovation project of Guangzhi-Shixi sections, the business formats, including the headquarters building and shopping mall, will form an urban elite living center based in river city. It has become a new territory for exquisite experience and quality exploration for customers who desire to pursue high quality.